April 2020 - A number of best of videos never seen before!

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Tchoukball images as you have never seen them!

Every year in December, wherever you are in the world, you have the opportunity to follow the best games of the Nations Cup live. Thanks to the high level of play presented by the best national teams and the skills of our large TV production team, we are committed to present you with the best tchoukball images available around the world.

The games are then also available full length in the Youtube channel, for players and fans to watch the games after the event.

All this material is also a formidable source of images of the highest quality, which allows our video team to produce shorter, more specific videos. Currently they are working on the following projects:

Best of videos

A series of short videos, showing spectacular movements, such as stunning defences, impressive shots - each of the videos has a specific theme. They show the highlights of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors 2019 in a condensed and fun way.

Technique videos

These videos look at a specific technical movement very skilled players use. The videos analyse the movement from different angles and in super slow motion. The aim with these videos is to offer the interested tchoukball community detailed images on how players at the highest level of play execute specific and difficult movements.

The videos are available on the Youtube channel of our main sponsor Tchoukball Promotion

Have a look at the first 11 videos published and watch the space,
there are many more videos to come:

Information about registration

On the registration page you'll find all the information about the 24th edition taking place in Decemer 2020. Deadline for registration for all tournaments, except Nations Cup, is 31st October 2020. For any questions please contact Erika Mesmer - she will be delighted to help you prepare your participation to the TGI 2020. For the Nations Cup the registration deadline is 30th September 2020.

If you plan to participate, get in touch now. The sooner you let us know your plans, the more you help us to prepare and welcome you in the best possible way.

Monthly competion

Give us your opinion and win a pair of kneepads from our main sponsor

How many blocked shots
in the finals in December 2019?

The statistical team of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors is currently working on producing statistics in order to better understand what happens during the tchoukball games at high level during the Nations Cup.

Among plenty of data, they have compiled the numbers of shots on the frame during the following games:

Women final Switzerland - Italy: 
Number of shots: 167

Final men: Chinese Taïpei B - Chinese Taïpei A
Number of shots:175

Finale men 3rd place:  Switzerland A - Italy B
Number of shots: 170

How many of these shots were defended during these three final games in December 2019?

Please send your response to Erika Mesmer, latest 15th May 2020.
Among the participants we'll draw the winner of the kneepads. 

The winner of last months competition and a pair of kneepads lives in the UK. Congratulations to him!