March 2020 - Looking beyond

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Looking beyond - December 2020 the best ever!

We all experience a very special time, with Covid-19 currently impacting the lives of most of us. The whole team here in Geneva wishes you, your families and friends, wherever you are, to be well in these challenging times and we hope everybody stays safe!

So important it is to now take life day by day, so important it is to be able to look beyond and project oneself to brighter times. On our side we want to contribute in this sense by doing, what we know how to do well: to prepare the next Tchoukball Geneva Indoors, so that the 24th edition in December 2020 is the best ever!

Therefore, this newsletter is all about the future, information about registration and all the new categories were are creating for the 2020 edition taking place from 9th to 20th December.

And as social distancing is the key word for many of us just know, Tchouky is sending you, on our behalf, many heartfelt hugs. Stay healthy and safe!

Registration is open

The registration page for December 2020 is ready and registration is possible as of now.
On this page you can register for:

- Junior tournaments, taking place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December 2020
- Open tournaments, taking place on Saturday 19th December 2020
- Champions Cup, taking place on Sunday 20th December 2020

Registration deadline for all these tournaments is October 31st, 2020.

For the Nations Cup, taking place from Thursday 17th to 19th December 2020, we will play in the categories Men - Women - Boys M18 - Girls M18. For questions and information, please contact Erika Mesmer - she will be delighted to help you prepare your participation to the TGI 2020.

If you plan to participate, get in touch now. The sooner you let us know your plans, the more you help us to prepare and welcome you in the best possible way.

Junior tournaments: new age categories

You have maybe noticed, we are introducing more and new age categories for the junior tournaments 2020. This is a novelty we are introducing mainly based on the observation that the level of play between children in the same category was often significant different between younger and older teams, as the same age category covered 3 years of age. For the junior tournaments, taking place on 12th and 13th December 2020 we are therefore introducing the following age categories:

Age category*:
M8:  children born 2012, 2013
M10: children born 2010, 2011
M12: children born 2008, 2009
M14: children born 2006, 2007
M16: children born 2004, 2005
M18: children born 2002, 2003
*Players can play a higher age category. Under some conditions a player can also play in a lower category.

With this change we hope that more juniors and teams will have more pleasure participating in a tournament, as the other teams in the same tournament will have the same age.

One other novelty is the introduction of the M14 girls, tournament, which will take place on Sunday 19th December 2020. The aim is here to allow girls to play among girls and have a tournament dedicated only for themselves. On the same day there is also the Open women's tournament, for adults, M18 and M16 girls. Our aim with this initiative is to increase the number of times girls can play "girls only" in order to gain confidence and hopefully remain within our sport at an age where we see many girls leaving sport. We hope to create a female dynamic, with women and girls competing on the 19th December 2020.

Monthly competion

Give us your opinion and win a pair of kneepads from our main sponsor

For the Open tournaments, should we introduce an age category P40 (40plus)?

The aim of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors is to allow everybody to come and play tchoukball. Next to the highest level of play at the Nations Cup, we have many popular tournaments: the juniors, the open, the women's open and the seniors (55plus). Today we are asking you: should we introduce an age category P40 (40plus)? Or any other category?
If you have an opinion on this question, we would love to read from you. Please send your comments to Erika Mesmer, latest 15th April 2020.
Among the participants we'll draw the winner of the kneepads.