February 2020 - The biggest tournament in the world

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Nations Cup 2020: Get ready to take part to the biggest tchoukball tournament in the world !

The 23rd edition of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors in December 2019 was again a huge success and we thank again the 1780 players from the 10 countries who took part to the biggest tchoukball tournament in the world !!!

The organisation committee is already planning for the 24th edition in December 2020, in order to make the world’s largest tchoukball event an even better experience for players and public.

We would be delighted to have you and your team join us in Geneva for the Nations Cup, taking place from 17th to 19th December 2020. We invite you to register as soon as possible your national teams in the following four categories: Men - Women - Boys M18 - Girls M18.

For questions and information, please contact Erika Mesmer - she will be delighted to help you prepare your participation to the TGI 2020.

4 current and former FITB presidents met in Geneva

Chris Huang, Michel Favre, Shen-Szu Fang and Daniel Buschbeck were all at the Geneva Indoors 2019 in Geneva.

Michel Favre was young sports trainer in the early 1070s when he met Dr. Hermann Brandt, the inventor of your sports. After the death of Hermann, we owe it to Michel Favre that tchoukball continued to be practiced and experienced the development we all know. Michel was FITB President from 2000 to 2003.

Daniel Buschbeck, president of the organisation committee of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors and very active in the developpment of Tchoukball in Switzerland and around the world, was president of the FITB from 2003 to 2009.

Chris Huang then took the international federation to Taiwan, where he was president from 2009 to 2017 and strongly contributed to the international development of our sport over the past decade.

Shen-Szu Fang is the current FITB president and head coach of the Team Taiwan, who won the Nations Cup in December 2019.

On December 21st 2019 we experienced a rare moment, when all still living FITB presidents met all together in the same place. The Tchoukball Geneva Indoors is the place to be and the place where the Tchoukball family from all over the world meets. So get ready to join us in December 2020.

Monthly competion

Give us your opinion and win a pair of kneepadsfrom our main sponsor

It is time to update the visuals for the 2020 edition:
Which players should we select ?

Every year we change the players presented on our visuals.
Select your favourit men and women players and send max three names to Erika Mesmer, latest 15th March 2020.
Among the participants we'll  draw the winner of the kneepads.